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Here are some of the most Frequently asked questions and their answers:

Q. What is the Rarity Order?

A. Common (White), Uncommon (Green), Rare (Blue), Epic (Purple), Mythic (Pink), Exotic (Yellow), Cosmic (Bluish-Green)

Q. What does the V number that Scripts have mean?

A. The V on a Script's name signifies its bonuses in a quick glance format. A version consists of 3 components: A number, a period, a number, and sometimes an "x" (i.e 14.0x)

The numbers before the first period reflects the total of bonus attributes added to Lowlife in-game. For example, if a Script gives +3 Focus, +2 Essence, and +1 Resolve, its Version would be v6.0. If the Script added a bonus to Lowlife's Maximum Mana Pool, it would be v6.1 if it were to add 50 Mana, for example. (Each increment of +50 Mana Bonus would add a .1 to the Version.

An "x" at the end of a Version means that the Script cannot be sold on the Auction House, or Sold for Memories in the Scripts screen. These types of Scripts are either acquired directly from the in-game Vendor, Lab Rewards, Default starting Scripts, or Promotional rewards.

More info on this can be found Here.

Q. What are the best Scripts?

A. This is hard to answer as the best Scripts can change a lot. The best thing to do is experiment and find Scripts that work best for your own playstyle.

Q. What should I spend my Parameter Points on?

A. It is recommended to put enough points into Essence first so that you can AoE cast spells. (After the update Luck does not offer the same benefits as it used to) After that, you should put most of your points into Luck.

Q. Which Nodes should I get first?