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Version Change log
1.39 UI-Updated backgrounds for simulations, Labs and Raids

Fixes-Fixed Auction House bug


-Some Villains will now execute “Crash” executables, which will prevent Scripts from executing until Lowlife runs Cure on them, or another Script casts any sort of Buff on them

—Tanks have a natural resistance to Crash and will still execute, but at a slower rate

-Raised Cheat Death minimum health threshold from 150 to 500

-If a Script is equipped when it is at or lower level than Lowlife, it can now be unequipped and re-equipped even if it has out-leveled Lowlife


-UI has been optimized to take advantage of the device GPU and not use all CPU for graphic processing.

-Replaced circular cooldown elements for number countdowns over Healing Buttons and Status effects until a more performant solution can be developed and tested

-Damage done to Villains will once again appear over their health bars

-Damage and Healing done to Scripts will now animate again

-Fixed issue where Timeout length could be cut off from the Script long-press Queue menu


-High Score recording for STRESS TEST will now happen after each Wave completion, or by Pausing and tapping “Stop”


-Vendor will now refresh Script inventory every 8 Hours instead of 24 Hours

-When Completing a Quest that rewards a Script, there will now be a flat-rate chance (not affected by Luck) for its Rarity to be upgraded than what the reward was listed as


-Fixed issue where Achievement tracking for deleting Elite and Trash Villains was not progressing properly

—After updating, upon your first Elite or Trash Villain deletion, the proper progress will retroactively apply

-Fixed issue where Overhealing metric was not properly resetting after a Simulation Reboot.

-Fixed issue where Bleed might be able to apply to a failed Script

-Fixed issue where Villain AoE Interrupts would always apply 15HP damage instead of their respective amounts

-Fixed issue where putting the game into background or pausing, and then resuming, could result in 1 FPS


-Increased Villain damage -Healing Executables now scale Healing Power and Mana Cost with Player Level -Reduced Runtime and Timeout of nearly all Script Executables Note: There were many Executables with excessively long Runtimes and Timeouts, meaning they might only be run one time or not at all in an entire battle. Make sure to check your Scripts’ Executables because nearly everything has been improved -Improved Healing Power, Runtime, and Timeout for Script’s own Healing Executables -Buffed Kringle


-Changed Raid format to a single, high HP Raid Boss -Raids can now be done Solo if preferred. -When completing a Raid with a matchmaking partner, the Raid can be restarted without re-queueing with the same partner


-STRESS TEST will now accelerate Villain Levels by +10 instead of +5 if their current Level is less than the Player’s High Score Level


-When Listing a Script, an Auction House refresh will no longer trigger UI -Associated UI Game Mode colors with Game Mode Type (Simulation, Lab, Raid)


-Fixed issue where Quest Complete pop-up would not Dismiss -Fixed issue where Villain Executables were not accurately displaying their proper name and Aggro targets -Fixed issue where “I’m In Danger” node would not allow Debuffs to be refreshed on Villains -Fixed issue where Damage-over -Time Executable Name would not appear properly in Combat Log -Fixed issue where Quest Progress could supersede the Quest’s Goal



-Partake in an experiment that will push your party to the limit, with increasing Villain Levels up to near infinity if you can survive. Failure is expected.

-Quests downloaded from Grinders will now have a chance to drop Grinder-specific Quests


-Damaging a Villain to delay their executable will now have diminishing returns per each individual executable run

-Increased Villain HP in Raids

-Reduced penalties to Villain HP and Attack Speed in Multi-villain battles

-Added more Trash Villains amongst higher version Simulations


-Added Healing Executable metadata to Pause Screen

-Active Quest Count will now display next to Simulations at front of Game Modes screen

-Added option to Live Update Queues on Raids menu

-Updated Quest Complete UI

-Updated Script README UI

-Updated Script Level Up UI

-Added ability to swipe to README, Sell, and Level Up without having to expand Script item

-Added 0.5-1 Second delays on some in-game UI elements to prevent accidental choices

-Fixed issues with Combat Log having blank spaces

-Fixed issue where AVARICE.01 would always display Unlock even though it wasn’t Locked

-Fixed Parameters screen dismissing too easily


-Fixed issue where Villains in Grinders may not auto-select

-Fixed issue where selected Villain may reset if another Villain gets deleted by Script AoE Damage

-Fixed issue where Debuffs executed on Villains with an equally powerful Debuff would not refresh the Debuff duration

-Fixed issue that could cause device to run out of memory and crash on Boss Deleted screens

-Fixed Script README not displaying proper descriptions for AoE Attack and AoE Interrupts

-Fixed issue where Quests from Voodoo TV may display incorrect Simulation Version requirements

-Fixed issue where Gambit would deduct Overshield and not Hit Points as intended

1.35 Hotfix

-Fix potential Boss Grinder crash


-Added multiple Villains to single battles

—Tap the Villain you wish to focus all Script attacks on

-Re-adjusted all Simulations, Raids, and Labs to feature multi-Villain battles

-In Multi-villain Battles, Memories will be rewarded after each Villain is defeated, and the cumulative XP totals from each Villain will only be added if all Villains in a “Wave” are defeated.

-Script’s Defense score will now lessen the time it takes for them to continue executing when hit by a Villain


-Added Voodoo TV (Lv. 100-156)

—Access to Voodoo TV is granted by finding a Shrunken Head


-Changed several Script Executables retroactively to AoE. Damage and Stun Durations remain the same:

Zombie Explode, Grenade, C4 Explosive, Shoulder Charge, Shield Charge, Whirlwind, Sonic Slam, Shield Bash, Frostbolt, Firebolt, Voidbolt, Hipfire

-Adjusted various Timeouts, Runtimes, and Damage across some skills that were underperforming

-Crit damage increased from 1.5x to 2x


-Raised Sell limit to 999,999

-Raised Script Lv. Limit to 299


-Conserve in-game screen real estate by hiding Healing descriptions when an in-game event occurs such as Loot Drops and XP/Memory gains

-Removed combat log from over Villain HP bar and expanded Pause Menu combat log

-Fixed issue where UI would be cut off on smaller screened devices

—A more thorough adaptation to different screen sizes is on roadmap

-Renamed “Compact” to “Expand All” in Scripts screen

-Low-health Scripts will now have red tinted HP bar

-Renamed Low Power Mode to Conserve Battery in Settings screen

-Conserve Battery will now disable most animations across the entire game

-In-Game Parameters reading now specifies Parameter Bonuses are a result of Active Scripts

-Fixed UI jitter that could happen in-game when certain pop-ups appear on devices without a Home button

-Added explanation as to why Feedback cannot be submitted from Settings screen

-Added explicit “Done” button to Nodes screen in an effort to make it more clear that Node Points will be applied which is not a freely reversible action

-The “Stunning!” Node description has been adjusted to reflect that the final Villain deleted in a battle will need to be stunned for the effect to happen

-Added in-game tips that will appear when launching into a game


-Game will pause when app is put into the background

-Raid networking updates to improve reliability


-Fixed issue where selling a selected Script would allow it to be assigned even though it was turned into Memories, resulting in a refresh of default Scripts being assigned and previously assigned Scripts becoming unassigned

-Fixed issue where Script skill Meditation was not properly buffing Scripts

-Fixed issue where Scripts may not have been able to be tapped if sustaining damage

-Fixed issue where XP Bonuses from Nodes and VIP Ticket were incorrectly applying to Memory gains

-Fixed issue with Everlasting Love Node applying incorrectly

-Fixed issue with Protection Node applying applying incorrectly

-Fixed issue with #1 Stunna Node applying incorrectly

-Fixed issue where the first Villain of a Simulation was not meant to be

-Fixed issue where Level Up pop-up upon hitting Level 2 would not let the player know that Greater Heal was unlocked

-Fixed issue that would cause GameCenter to prompt on launch even if GameCenter was disabled in Lowlife settings

-Fixed issue where Villains may not display applied Damage Over Time status effect

-Fixed issue where Lowlife could select other Scripts to cast Blessing on when Lowlife was Failed

-Fixed issue where Crit damage on Villains would not apply in some instances

-Fixed issue where Average Script Level was not correct for Lab Reward generation

-Fixed issue where failing to list a Script in Auction House could result in Listing price still be deducted in some circumstances


-Scripts can only be assigned if their level is lesser than or equal to that of Lowlife’s own level.

—If a Script levels up beyond Lowlife’s level in-game, they can remain assigned.

—Scripts cannot be manually leveled up beyond Lowlife’s own level when leveling up from the Scripts screen


-Added Replay button for Simulations

-Added counter to Raids to show hourly history of players who queued for specific Raids. The timing on this will be adjusted over time depending on results to get us closer to a “Live” count.


-Overshield will now give additional Overshield instead of a flat value when cast on a Script with an existing Overshield

-Raised base Mana Cost of Overshield to 300 (was 175)

-Raised base Timeout (Cooldown) of Overshield from 5 to 10

-Raised base Runtime (Cast time) of Overshield from 2 to 3

-Using Extra Life in Simulations will reset the current Villain’s HP

-Casting Gambit on Scripts with Blessing will now reduce their HP

-Replaced Normal Villains with Elite Villains in Raids, added a Miniboss, removed some Villains, and brought overall Villain count down from 12 to 10.


-When a Script takes damage while having an Overshield, the Hit Number will be Blue instead of Red

-When a Script takes damage while having an Overshield, only the Overshield portion of the Script UI will flash red instead of the entire HP bar

-Fixed some UI cut-offs on smaller screens

-Adjusted some Auction House UI elements

-Discovering new Quests from deleting Villains will now display Quest name in Notification bar

-Added Sort options to Available Quests listing (this is currently alphabetical order for rarity name until some re-work is done)

-Added descriptive error pop-ups for some common Auction House errors

-Combat Log and Villain damage history will now display Custom names of Scripts if set

-Healing Executables will not display Long-pressable icons in Raids as this functionality is currently disabled but being worked on

-Added additional clarity in Markets screen of what VIP Ticket includes


-Fixed issue where Scripts would incorrectly reflect being Assigned in the Scripts screen, not allowing them to be Sold and creating confusion (and rightfully so)

-Fixed issue where exiting a Lab would not properly unload Music and other back-end systems

-Fixed issue where failing to purchase a Script would result in Updating… never going away

-Fixed issue where casting Chain Heal directly on Lowlife would not reflect healing indicator lines in game

-Fixed issue of calculating Average/Highest levels that would not be up to date for Lab calculations

-Fixed issue where it would be possible to carry more Active Quests than what should have been possible depending on the player’s finger tapping speed

-Fixed crash that would occur in Raids if a Villain was defeated and one of the parties did no damage

-A lot of Raid connection optimizations to prevent desync, still some work in progress

1.32 UI

-Added Compact Mode to Scripts selection screen to make managing large amounts of Scripts easier


-Fixed issue that could cause some listed Scripts to be listed twice, leaving un-buyable Scripts in the Auction House that other players could not buy if that same Script was purchased before.  This will take about a week for all of the un-buyable Scripts to filter out.

-Fixed a freeze or crash that could occur when Delisting a Script


-Compressed some files to reduce overall install size

-Added Haptic Feedback to additional UI elements when enabled in Settings


When deleting a Villain, two batches of rewarded XP are given: one for Lowlife and one for Scripts. Script XP is distributed based on damage done by the Script for balance reasons, but even with a full party of Scripts around Lowlife’s level they would lag behind.

-Tripled XP gains to Scripts from deleting Villains


-Added Script XP as possible Villain Loot that will be distributed evenly amongst in-game Scripts


-Added XP gain pop-ups to Scripts when deleting a Villain

-Added “Player XP” and “Script XP” Loot Icons

-Disabled “Glitch” text across the game

-Added “Now Playing” to Countdown and Pause Screens when Music is Enabled


-Added 3 new BGM tracks produced by Gargoyle MODE


-Fixed issue where Scripts were not rewarding Memories when sold from Scripts screen

-Fixed issue that could cause Auction House connection issue caused by the loading of Markets screen. The Auction House will no longer load on its own initially which should alleviate a lot of abnormalities that may have occurred in some situations

-Fixed issue where using Filters in Auction House could produce duplicate results

-Optimized Auction House purchasing flow to reduce failures and crashes


Introducing Labs, new game modes from the Play screen that allow you to play towards specific rewards. In the first Lab, AVARICE.01, complete up to 7 Waves of Villains with the choice of claiming your reward at each wave completion. Leave with your reward, or sacrifice it for a more challenging wave and a better reward. The choice is yours.

AVARICE.01 is free for all players and can be played at anytime from the new Labs tab on the Play menu. AVARICE.01 unlocks at Player Level 50. There is a reward cooldown in effect. When the reward is on cooldown, players can still enter the Lab for no Memories cost for practice and fun.


-Fixed issue where Sold Scripts and Listed Scripts were not appearing in My Listings.


-Adjusted damage curve for incoming damage and outgoing damage vs. Villains at higher and lower levels

-Significantly reduced all Villain HP. This will be most noticeable at higher levels

-Extra Life cost now scales with Player Level and remains 50% discounted for VIP Ticket holders

-Scripts which are lower level than active Villains will no longer slightly delay Villain executables

-Script executions will be paused when they take damage from Villains for 1.5-3 seconds

-Increased Timeouts (Cooldowns) on Script Damage-over-Time Executables

-Reduced Poison’s DoT length by 50%

-Increased base Blessing Timeout (Cooldown) to 60 Seconds

-Increased Chain Heal effectiveness by 300% and increased Mana Cost by 33%


-Fixed issue where AoE Casting Greater Heal took WAY too much Mana

-Fixed issue where, under some circumstances, all Scripts and Lowlife being Failed would not stop the Simulation

-Fixed issue where Lowlife, under some circumstances, would be able to heal from the afterlife

-Fixed issue where Failed Scripts would still show Aggro for Villain AoE Executables

-Fixed issue where Failed Scripts would still reflects status effects

-Fixed issue where Memories balance in-game would not reflect up-to-date values when purchasing an Extra Life

-Fixed some gameplay UI movement issues

-Fixed issue that caused Villain status icons to not animate smoothly

-Long-cast finger will no longer show on Healing Executable buttons if Lowlife is dead


-Fixed an issue that could cause a game crash when a Script was casting a Buff at the right (wrong) time

-Fixed issue that could cause a crash in My Listings screen

1.29 This is an early push to get some major bug fixes knocked out that came up this week, so no New Game Mode just yet... but it does bring some new things. Currently running through some more testing on live devices on the live Auction House to double check a few things...


-Added alternate casting for Quick Heal, Greater Heal, Overshield, and Cure

-Long Press any of these Healing Executables to begin an AoE execution that will affect all running Scripts. Requires 5x the stated Mana and 2x the Runtime (Cast time)

-Quick Heal (AoE) unlocks at Player Lv. 20

-Greater Heal (AoE) unlocks at Player Lv. 30

-Overshield (AoE) unlocks at Player Lv. 40

-Cure (AoE) unlocks at Player Lv. 50

-Healing Executables eligible and available to be AoE Casted will have a small finger icon on the bottom right corner of their respective button


Song of Zen is the only AoE Buff available to Scripts, and with its current stats it is possible for it to have no downtime with just one Script equipped with it. It also lasts longer than other non-AoE Buffs which also makes it a little too powerful when it extends existing Buffs on all Scripts, including Immunity from Blessing.

-Duration reduced from 30 seconds to 15 seconds

-Timeout (Cooldown) raised from 20 seconds to 60 seconds

-Runtime (Cast time) raised from 5 seconds to 10 seconds


-Timeout (Cooldown) raised from 15 Seconds to 60 Seconds

-Duration unchanged (30 Seconds)

C4 Explosive has one of the longest Runtimes (Cast time) amongst Script skills at 20 seconds but its damage wasn’t appearing to be worth the wait for the most part.

-Damage increased from 200 base to 400 base

-Runtime (Cast time) reduced from 20 seconds to 15 seconds

Rocket Launch

-Damage increased from 150 to 200 Rocket Launch

-Damage increased from 150 to 200


-Added README details to Auction House listings (swipe right)

-Added Rarity filter

-Added back-end confirmation check for successful listing before deducting Listing Fee when selling a Script


-Straightened out in-game nameplates

-Added more descriptive text for locked Grinders


-Fixed issue where Everlasting Love, Regedit, and Double Bubble Nodes were not reducing Mana Cost for their respective Executables (Fountain, Regeneration, and Bubble)

-Fixed issue where all Executables on a Script’s README on the Scripts Screen would not be visible (you can scroll the list of Executables now to see them all on any screen size)

-Fixed issue where some Oracles and Mystics who claimed to have had Song of Zen actually had Serenade (Single-target Buff)

-Fixed issue where Overshield could be possibly executed on a Failed Script

-Fixed issue where Buffs may not properly expire

-Fixed issue where Debuffs would not expire when Rebooting a Simulation

-Fixed issue where purchasing a Parameter Point with Memories would not immediately reflect new Parameter Point balance

-Fixed issue where Damage Mods and Defense Mods in README were rounded, showing incorrect values

-Fixed issue where Auction House may load twice

-Fixed issue where Auction House data would be stale and display unavailable, previously purchased Scripts

-Fixed issue where Combat Log was showing inaccurate damage values against Scripts


-Increased Mana Regeneration Rate by 50% for Players with less than 30 Essence UI-Optimized and brought back animated cursors for selected and aggro’d Scripts -Added exclamation mark to the left side of a Script to make it easier to notice which Scripts are targeted by the Villain -Reduced particles from Loot explosion animation -Updated Villain UI with subtle coloring to reflect level discrepancy of Villain compared to the average Lv. of Scripts and Lowlife (Grey, Green, Yellow, Red) -Added Error Reason Code to Fatal Error screen to explain how you Failed -Low Power Mode will now disable Loot explosion animation and Healing/Executable lines between Lowlife and Scripts to further help battery life -Removed some legacy animation code AUCTION HOUSE -Auction House will now perform an initial load when it is first accessed -This will now allow the Auction House button to be available without delay -Fixed Auction House issue where incorrect listing statuses could be reflected OTHER It is important to note that Scripts are not automatically synced to iCloud for technical/balance reasons because of the offline availability of Lowlife. Never uninstall Lowlife! In light of this, in the event you do want to play on an alternate device, a set of default Scripts will now be generated to match your Player Level (which IS synced) and hopefully get your new device up to speed with Lowlife faster. -When playing on a new device, a default set of Scripts will be loaded to match your synced Player Level The backup, storage, and device transfer of downloaded Scripts is currently in development.

1.27 Auction HouseSeveral improvements have been made to the Auction House to make it quicker and more performant. Optimizations will be ongoing

-Decreased initial load time -Increased refresh speed when within Auction house -A maximum of 100 results will be returned for any queries -Make sure to use the Minimum and Maximum Levels, Cost and Subclass filters to scope down to what You're looking for! -You can no longer purchase your own listings, they can be delisted from the My Listings tab instead -Renamed Your Listings to My Listings, but they're still your listings -Added Done button when adjusting Filters to not make dismissing the numpad awkward -Updated Auction House connection error that could occur off of WiFi with instructions on how to access if specific Mobile Data setting is toggled off -Fixed issue in Auction House tab when results were Updating RaidsIn the first effort to improve matchmaking when finding a Raid Party, all Raids were converted to be "level agnostic," meaning that the villains each respective groups would face would match their own Player Level and damage would scale evenly to thge Villain groups and Raid Boss. Testing and feedback showed that this was a little too chaotic if some Scripts were lower level than the Player and Raids were overtuned. The next phase of adjusting Raids is going back to defined difficulty levels but separating them farther apart to ideally pool in larger swaths of Players. Higher-level Player are encouraged to matchmake for Raids below their own Level and help lower-level Player out! -Adjusted Raid Levels and Unlocable at Player Levels: --Buffer Overflow (Lv. 10 changed to Lv. 25) --Zero Night (Lv. 20 changed to Lv. 50) --Battle of the Baud (Lv. 30 changed to Lv. 75) --The Reanimated Botnet (Lv. 40 changed to Lv. 100) --The Great Filter (Lv. 50 changed to Lv. 125) UI-Updated Script Loot icon

Fixes-Fixed issue where Full Blessing node would not grant full HP on Resurrection. This was inadvertently affected by the Wasteless node